2012 April

Using Art When Writing with Children

As an art teacher, I often incorporate writing in my lessons, but writing teachers can certainly make art within their writing lessons- and I would argue that making the art first is even a better idea.  When children create art, … Read More

Boyd Reath Classical Murals

I recently took a Cast Drawing class at the Grand Central Academy of Art in NY and had an amazing experience.  At this class I came across the following company that specializes in classical murals, finishes for walls and furniture … Read More

Scott Wadell’s Portraiture

Color in portraiture is elusive.   There are so many factors when creating skintone. However, if you are in the NYC area and want a true classical course on portraiture you may want to check out Scott Wadell at the … Read More

Inspirational James Gurney- Dinotopia

There’s nothing better than a good picture book.  Dinotopia, by James Gurney, is described on his site by “the wondrous lost island of Dinotopia, an enthralling world of art, science, exploration, and invention in which humans and dinosaurs live peacefully … Read More

Talking with Children About Art

Some people are intimidated about discussing art with children.  I think it’s because they feel that they need to have all of the answers before starting the conversation.   Whether it is at a museum, gallery, or even looking at … Read More

Analyzing Corn Dog Art Illustrations with Students

When analyzing art, students must make inferences and decisions based on what they see and feel. One image may be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and that is a wonderful thing.  When looking at a work of art with … Read More

How Art Helps to Teach English to ESL Students

Children inherently make connections between words and actions. When art is used as a writing prompt, both sides of the brain are engaged: the left side which commands verbal, language and logical processes as well as the right side, which … Read More

Using Judgement and Problem Solving in Art

While making art, children are constantly making decisions. Deciding how to use line, shapes, form and color can be daunting, as well as exciting.   I think this is the reason most children love making art. Almost every other aspect of … Read More

Great Museums in the New York Area

Here are some links to great museums in the NY area:

New York Public Library

Guggenheim Museum

Museum of Modern Art

Whitney Museum of American Art

Metropolitan Museum

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Museum of the City of New York

International … Read More

Myths about Critical Thinking and Art

Myth #1:

“Critical thinking applies to math and science.”

When you hear ‘Critical Thinking’, you probably think “math and science’.  Usually, when people hear the words “Critical Thinking”, that’s where their mind goes.  But when you think about it,  Critical … Read More