2013 August

Starting Over

The idea of starting over is scarier than the actual ‘doing’ of it.

As a teacher, I get to start over every September (actually August, but who’s counting).  I have the luxury/responsibility to be reflective, change what needs to be … Read More

The Impact Your Physical Space has on Creativity and Learning in Your Classroom

Whenever I cover a class for a colleague, whether it is math, science, or English, I am amazed at the rigid structure on their classrooms.  Invariably, those classrooms have small desks with the attached chairs, lined up in perfect rows, … Read More

Technology is a Crutch for Critical Thinking

Just because someone is using some form of technology in the classroom (internet, MS Word, Prezzi, iMovie, Edmodo, Google docs, and the list goes on), it does not inherently mean that critical thinking is taking place.  These are simply tools … Read More