2013 September

Doodle Heroes- Draw, Write and Think Divergently

Doodle Heroes Save the Day- Lesson on Drawing, Writing and Thinking Divergently Why Creative Writing Inspired by Student Art Works So Well…

Kids love to doodle, in math class, social studies, wherever.  Some of their drawings are fantastic- and … Read More

Winner of the “Shakespeare Aficionados” contest!

Last week I posted an image of one of my illustrations, Quotable Shakespeare:

I asked for Shakespeare quotes and how they are used in class.  One winner would receive my print, and the winner is…

Peter Berger… You won! I’ll … Read More

Shakespeare Afficionados: Win a FREE Shakespeare Illustration!

Shakespeare quotes are classic- dripping with hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) meaning. Inspire your students with this original one-of-a-kind Shakespeare illustration! (see image below)

It’s quite simple: post your favorite Shakespeare quote in the comments section and you can … Read More