Why is a lion’s roar so loud?

Hearing a lion’s earsplitting roar is enough to make anyone shake!

Lions are famous for their deep, powerful roars. Other big cats like tigers, jaguars and leopards can roar, but not as loud as a lion. A lion’s roar is … Read More

Toughness and Grit Pay Off in the Classroom

The 60s may have been all about hippies and ‘free love’, but in the classroom, teachers still held students to a higher standard- and students benefited from it.

Joanne Lipman, a former deputy managing editor of The Wall Street … Read More

Dealing with Fear in Children

We can’t control what happens, we can only control how we react.

All parents and teachers must help children in dealing with fear.  How children learn to cope with things that frighten them can make a huge impact in their … Read More