Children and Art

The Shadow Knows Video Writing Prompt

Video writing prompts are a wonderful way to elicit divergent writing from your students.   Watch the short video, pay attention to the smallest detail, think about what the words, images and music are telling you, and in the ‘comments’ section … Read More

Five Ways Art Can Improve Your Students’ Writing

What does it mean to use art? Personally, it goes way beyond looking at an image as a visual writing prompt and writing a story- there are so many other possibilities for children to learn, grow and reflect. All of … Read More

For Kids, Art is About Control

Art is about many things, but for my 7th grade art students, it’s about freedom and control.   Many of today’s kids are over scheduled (I know, shocker).   I can ask my students on Monday what they will be … Read More

07 Jul '13

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Looking Like Me Art and Poetry Lesson

In my seventh grade art class, I’ve used this beautiful picture book, Looking Like Me, by Walter Dean Myers.   It is a colorful picture book telling the story of a young boy, and who he thinks he is, as seen … Read More

How Your Attitude Can Promote Creativity in Your Classroom

Some people believe that creativity can not be taught.  I believe through my research and almost twenty years of teaching art that creativity can and must be taught.  Having said that, there is no specific ‘formula’ to achieve this.  It … Read More

28 Sep '12

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Out of Our Minds!

If you want to understand creativity, inspire it in your classroom and increase your own, I highly recommend Ken Robinson’s “Out of Our Minds, Learning to Be Creative”.  It explains, in a clear way why it is essential to be … Read More

24 Sep '12

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Ambiguous Illustrations

As much detail as I put into my illustrations, I purposefully leave areas that are quite ambiguous.  This is by design, and is possibly the most intriguing part of the image. So much of art is what we bring to … Read More

Model Creative Thinking in Your Classroom

Using Corn Dog Art™ illustrations can help you model creative thinking in your classroom.

One of the best ways to model creative thinking in your classroom is by questioning attitudes that children have. When children look at art, they may … Read More

Talking with Children About Art

Some people are intimidated about discussing art with children.  I think it’s because they feel that they need to have all of the answers before starting the conversation.   Whether it is at a museum, gallery, or even looking at … Read More

Analyzing Corn Dog Art Illustrations with Students

When analyzing art, students must make inferences and decisions based on what they see and feel. One image may be interpreted in a myriad of ways, and that is a wonderful thing.  When looking at a work of art with … Read More