Children and Art

Using Judgement and Problem Solving in Art

While making art, children are constantly making decisions. Deciding how to use line, shapes, form and color can be daunting, as well as exciting.   I think this is the reason most children love making art. Almost every other aspect of … Read More

Great Museums in the New York Area

Here are some links to great museums in the NY area:

New York Public Library

Guggenheim Museum

Museum of Modern Art

Whitney Museum of American Art

Metropolitan Museum

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Museum of the City of New York

International … Read More

Engaging Visual Writing Prompts

Hello out there! Welcome to Denise Draws, my blog about illustration, writing, and using your imagination. Here I’ll share my art, talk about the process- from doodle to sketchbook to tight drawing to finished illustration. I hope to inspire many … Read More