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How Comic Strip Storyboards Help Students Sequence a Story

For many students, sequencing a story can be difficult.  Often, it makes sense in their mind, but when they try to organize their thoughts on paper, it becomes a hot mess.  They are bursting with ideas, characters and dynamic scenes, … Read More

The Shadow Knows Video Writing Prompt

Video writing prompts are a wonderful way to elicit divergent writing from your students.   Watch the short video, pay attention to the smallest detail, think about what the words, images and music are telling you, and in the ‘comments’ section … Read More

Earth, Ground, Soil, Floor… What’s the Difference?

I made a small graphic to help ESL and ELL learners to understand the difference between Earth, ground, soil and floor.  It’s basic, but it gives a graphic representation of what each one means.  Pictures will help your students remember … Read More

For Kids, Art is About Control

Art is about many things, but for my 7th grade art students, it’s about freedom and control.   Many of today’s kids are over scheduled (I know, shocker).   I can ask my students on Monday what they will be … Read More

07 Jul '13

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Looking Like Me Art and Poetry Lesson

In my seventh grade art class, I’ve used this beautiful picture book, Looking Like Me, by Walter Dean Myers.   It is a colorful picture book telling the story of a young boy, and who he thinks he is, as seen … Read More

How Your Attitude Can Promote Creativity in Your Classroom

Some people believe that creativity can not be taught.  I believe through my research and almost twenty years of teaching art that creativity can and must be taught.  Having said that, there is no specific ‘formula’ to achieve this.  It … Read More

How Art Helps to Teach English to ESL Students

Children inherently make connections between words and actions. When art is used as a writing prompt, both sides of the brain are engaged: the left side which commands verbal, language and logical processes as well as the right side, which … Read More

Engaging Visual Writing Prompts

Hello out there! Welcome to Denise Draws, my blog about illustration, writing, and using your imagination. Here I’ll share my art, talk about the process- from doodle to sketchbook to tight drawing to finished illustration. I hope to inspire many … Read More