April 9, 2015

Five Critical Thinking Websites for You and Your Students

“Kids can’t think anymore,” is something I hear quite often in teaching.  Between Common Core, governmental control over curriculum minutia, and parents who micro-manage, over-schedule and simply do too much for their kids, there is no time for children to actually make decisions and think for themselves.

Teachers can get kids to think critically by reflecting on how they teach: Are you designing lessons that accept multiple answers? Are you requiring students to defend their answers with rational thought? Do your lessons have real world application where students make connections? These are just a few ways to promote critical thinking in your classroom- but there are many more.

Critical thinking allows students to explore issues, list what they know (and don’t know), state problems, pose possible solutions, look for divergent answers, and defend conclusions.


critical thinking infographic

Use this Critical Thinking Website List to make your classroom even more engaging:


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