September 12, 2014

How to Draw a Dog, and Other Art Musings…

My New Tutorial Video: How to Draw a Dog!

OK- time to try something new. I just uploaded a video of mine detailing how I drew my dog Paige.  Three hours of drawing boiled down to 12 minutes.  Topics include using appropriate reference material, how to shade fur and specific details on how to draw the eyes in a realistic way.

Here is a drawing of Petey, Paige’s big brother:

How to Draw a Dog

How I Celebrate My Dog’s Birthday


Like dog art? See my Sleepy Puppy Sculpture here:

Sleepy Puppy Sculpture, Denise Cassano


Great books on drawing and painting animals:


Some inspiring sites for drawing and illustration:

  • Marcello Barenghi’s YouTube Channel  OMG- if you want your mind blown, check out his time-lapsed drawings
  •  by David Briggs, great resource on how light and color work
  • GourneyJourney   James Gourney’s blog with tons of art techniques; author of many books and videos- very helpful
  • Imagine FX  Website for professionals (and those who want to be), focusing mostly on CG art; many videos and written tutorials- the art will amaze you, there is something for everyone
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  1. Nice video tutorial on how to draw a dog. I really like the composition and of course, your ability to create textures so easily using a pencil (wish I could do that!). I learned a lot, especially at the end of the video with these great tips! Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thanks Martin- I try to put into videos things that I have learned and wished I learned earlier. I’ve taken classes at The Grand Central Academy of Art in NYC and found it very helpful to understand color, light and three dimensional illusion.

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