CornDogArt Writing Prompt Illustrations with Denise Cassano

I call my visual writing prompt collection “CornDogArt Writing Prompt Illustrations”

These highly detailed illustrations by were specifically made to be Story Starter Writing Prompts!

Each image has surprise details.  Scroll though the image collection and read the prompts.  Use these as story starters- they make for a great creative writing assignment.  Each image may be interpreted in a number of ways.  This encourages divergent perspectives and conversation in class. If you like a little more music and action, I also have VIDEO writing prompts using my art.

Use my worksheet, Questions to Elicit Thoughtful Observations, to help with your writing. Click here for a list of Critical Thinking Questions.

Click on a picture and write your story… then share it with me- I’d love to read it!


“She forgot to set her alarm and she slept right though it.”


“That’s it! I’m super mad. I’ll show you…”


She ran down the stairs, not sure if she’d get away.

Scroll though the slideshow below for many more story starters. Use my prompt or make your own!