September 24, 2012

Model Creative Thinking in Your Classroom

Using Corn Dog Art™ illustrations can help you model creative thinking in your classroom.

One of the best ways to model creative thinking in your classroom is by questioning attitudes that children have. When children look at art, they may make immediate assumptions about it.  Having a discussion with them about those assumptions  is a wonderful way to get children to be reflective and think about their own thinking (Habits of Mind).

When looking at Corn Dog Art™ images and videos, play devil’s advocate regarding student responses.  For example, if students assume that the picture takes place at night, you may ask them:

  • “How do we know it is at night?”
  • “What specific details tell you that?”
  • “Are there any other ways to think about it? Are you sure?”

Regarding other aspects of the picture, ask probing questions to get children to reflect:

  • “How do we know she is there against her will? Are there any details to contradict that assumption?
  • “What makes you think that the sculpture is  alive?”

Push the students to analyze their assumptions about the picture.  This requires them to analyze their own thoughts and develop alternative theories.

For example, if the student assumption is,  “The woman in the tower is in distress and needs help,” you may say, “But what if she is a sorceress wielding super human power, how does that change the rest of the story?”  If they assumption is, “The building is crumbling to the ground,” you could propose, “What if it is not falling, and the camera angle is skewed instead?”

Remember, the questions you ask and how you respond to student answers greatly affect the conversation, and eventually the writing they produce.  Check out Corn Dog Art™ videos for more writing inspiration.


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