Corn Dog Art™ Story Starters Videos

Corn Dog Art™ Story Starter Videos are short, visually stunning writing prompts.   Each video prompt includes images, words and music designed to create discussion and debate.  The videos tell an ambiguous story that students are challenged to consider and interpret.

Can you figure out what’s happening in the story?

The Volunteers Story Starter Video

A strong wind travels through the valley, blowing leaves across the sky.  As they begin their journey, the power of nature continues to turn.  Where is the energy of life coming from? Will nature and industry collide? The Volunteers Story Starter image gives your students much to ponder.

writing prompt graphic organizersSample: The Volunteers Critical Thinking Questions, grades 4-6

writing prompt graphic organizers

Sample: The Volunteers Critical Thinking Questions, grades 7-8

Us my worksheet “Questions to Elicit Thoughtful Observation” to help students organize their thoughts.

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More CornDogArt™Story Starter Videos

This is a good video to prompt a discussion with students regarding fear and how we handle it.

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