August 28, 2013

Starting Over

The idea of starting over is scarier than the actual ‘doing’ of it.

As a teacher, I get to start over every September (actually August, but who’s counting).  I have the luxury/responsibility to be reflective, change what needs to be changed, add or subtract to my curriculum, and have an even better attitude than last year.   I believe all of these can be applied to my life outside of the classroom as well.

We have too many thinkers and dreamers in the world.  We need more doers. Starting over requires a lot of doing.  It’s easy to fantasize about writing a book, calling that old friend from college, boldly volunteering for a charity in need, or becoming an entrepreneur. Anyone who’s taken a shower has had a great idea, it’s those of us who get out of the shower, towel off and go do something about it who make a difference in the lives of others.

Stop being afraid. Fear is overrated.  The clock is ticking.  Get off the couch, shut the TV off and start the action of changing whatever needs changing in your life.  You don’t need to be a teacher in September to reflect on your life and take action.  Your thoughts, dreams and imagination are the strongest tools you have to change your life. It is these things that have allowed people to change the world.  They are yours and yours alone.  Let no one take them from you.

It’s not that difficult. I’ll tell you what I tell my students, “Less talk, more work.” You’ll be amazed at what happens.


If you’re interested in making small daily changes in your life that add up to big ones, you may like The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. I’ve ordered it because I keep hearing great things about it from various places in my life.  Someone wants me to read it. Sometimes, you have to stop, be still and listen to the universe.

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