July 30, 2013

The Shadow Knows Video Writing Prompt

Video writing prompts are a wonderful way to elicit divergent writing from your students.   Watch the short video, pay attention to the smallest detail, think about what the words, images and music are telling you, and in the ‘comments’ section below, write your story. It’s that simple.

Click on the image below to start the video:

Look at all the possible writing prompts from this video!

1. Write a paragraph describing how these characters got into this situation. Describe the minutes leading up to this scene.

2. Choose one character and write the story from the perspective of that character. Remember, a character may be a person, animal or object.  How would his/her feelings be different than the feelings of others?

3. Imagine you are in the picture.  Now look around.  Predict what is happening just outside of the image? Are there any other characters we can’t see? How does that change the story?

4. After writing your story, trade it with another student.  Read your partner’s story.  Make a list of all of the similarities and differences.

5. Explain the time of day, mood and location of the image. Use details in the image to support your answers.

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