February 26, 2015

Use this Story Starter Illustration as Your Next Writing Prompt

Looking for something to write about? Use my illustration, Vegetable Medley, to inspire your next story!

Vegetable Medley writing prompt Denise M. Cassano

Use the following written story starters and incorporate one or more into your next amazing tale:

  • As the sun went down, he held on to the one thing he loved the most.
  • With every note, life grew out of her instrument.
  • The pumpkin patch was a special place that only they knew about.
  • She had only a few more minutes of light. Then, it would all change.
  • Her notes floated across the hills and called the others.
  • The sun, almost gone for the day, gave its last bit of strength to the growing orchestra
  • The sounds blew over the hill like a storm of feathers taken by the wind
  • With every note the seeds grew stronger

Try a video version of the same Story Starter:

Music impacts the mood and tone of your story. Watch the video version of this Story Starter Writing Prompt and see how your story changes:



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