August 4, 2019

Writing Prompts and Writing Resources for Teachers

Let's get ready to write!

I’ve found two awesome websites for teachers that focus on creative writing…


First, JournalBuddies run by Jill Schoenberg.

It’s an amazing website filled with over 10,000 writing ideas and journal prompts for kids, young writers, and people of all ages. It’s a free writing prompt source. It includes free printable journal pages and “creative writing story starters.” Some are divided by topic, season, or grade level – elementary, middle and high school for easy reference.

Some inspiring examples are…

journal buddies inspiring writing prompts

Journal Buddies inspiring writing prompts!


Visit for writing inspiration!


The other site is Daily Teaching Tools with Chad Manis.

Daily Teaching Tools Chad Manis

Daily Teaching Tools with Chad Manis

Daily Teaching Tools with Chad Manis is an excellent teacher website for the beginning teacher all the way to the most experienced teacher.  Topics include classroom management, class routines and organization, lessons and strategies. It states: “The primary purpose of Daily Teaching Tools is to provide you with free resources, materials, and strategies to enhance your effectiveness with kids.”  To be honest, you could spend days and days on this site- it has so much to offer! The website is updated daily and has a huge following.

Other offerings are an updated blog with current teacher topics, what’s trending today, search tools so you can find exactly what you are looking for, strategies for the first day of school, and the ever elusive motivating students!

As we reach the middle of the summer- some of us (!) have to prepare for back to school. These two teacher resources will get you and your students back on track!

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