May 5, 2013

You Don’t Scare Me Writing Prompt Video


Here goes.  Watch the short video, pay attention to the smallest detail, think about what the words, images and music are telling you, and in the ‘comments’ section below, write your story. It’s that simple.

You may also read an article, Looking Fear in the Eyes, featuring this illustration here.

Click on the image below to start the video:


Download and print the following reproducible worksheets to help your students organize their thoughts:


Questions to Elicit Thoughtful Observation (PDF) [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=29]


You Don’t Scare Me Critical Thinking Questions (PDF) [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=32]


Overcome Your Fear With Art (PDF) [wp_eStore_download_now_button id=57]


When you are all done, read and comment on the other stories.  How are they the same? How do they differ? Did they see something you didn’t? How much of your own personal experiences do you bring to the story you create?

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  1. Domenick Cassano

    This video was very scary. 😉

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